Reflections at Chichester

I took the camera to Chichester yesterday – not much for bird life so I took some reflection shots. The water was very still and there’s quite a bit of fall colour still there.

There’s something about water that is so peaceful.



First Robin this Year!

Another visit to Chichester and more evidence Spring is on the way …

First Robin of the year

There were also 4 Bufflehead males and a female floating in the Sumac pond. Two of the males were vying for pairing rights with the female and their antics were quite humourous to watch. She’s playing hard to get, though, and paid them no attention while they scooted and flapped and strutted their stuff.

Male Bufflehead showing off

Two male Buffleheads competing for a female

Bufflehead Ducks - she hasn't made a choice yet :D

Spring is Springing!

The Red-winged Blackbirds are showing up again – must mean Spring is on its way!

I stopped in at Chichester today and a male was yelling his head off from the bullrushes. I haven’t seen one there for a few months.

First RWBB at Chichester in 2010!

I am soooo ready for Spring!

A Herd of Quail

Lots of California Quail at Chichester today.

Moon decked out for Christmas

A New Bird for my List

I was at Chichester today looking for a Red-necked Phalarope, but couldn’t find it.  Instead I found this small seclusive Brown Creeper …


This little fella makes 108 on my Bird List.  Maybe I’ll find the Red-necked Phalarope next time I go.

The Old and The New

Had to be downtown today for a meeting at City Hall so decided to visit the lakefront and City Park and see what was happening down there. It was a gorgeous sunny day and was very pleasant – until I stepped out of the van and the nasty cold wind nailed me. The druggies were out in full force getting their fixes where they had a clear view of any cops showing up, but I wasn’t brave enough to shoot pics of any drug deals going down.

The new William R. Bennett Bridge is really coming along and is supposed to be open ahead of schedule (July 1) and under budget. That’s a switch!

Here’s the new bridge – I sure hope they have built in some system for thawing that thing, ’cause it looks mighty steep to me and could sure be a slippery mess in the dead of winter here.

New RJ Bennett Bridge

The old bridge, opened in 1958, has started to crumble and sometimes has huge gaping holes in the concrete. It replaced the ferry that used to move people, vehicles and goods between Kelowna and the west side of the Okanagan Lake. It’s claim to fame is that it is the longest floating bridge in the world (I think) but in North America for sure. The new bridge is also a floating bridge and also will hold some record when it is completed. Here’s the old bridge – the section between the two high things goes up and down to let the sailboats on the lake get to the other side. Then traffic stops until the lift span goes down again. With a gazillion vehicles crossing that bridge every day, there were some mighty ticked off motorists!

Here’s the old bridge:

Old Okanagan Lake Bridge

And a shot of the two of them – the old on the left and the new on the right:

The Old and The New

I also stopped in along the Boardwalk by the Kelowna Yacht Club. Not much happening down there but there were a few brave folks out as well as some ducks and some sailboats: