Corn and Chicken Chowder




1 lb bacon – diced into 1/4″ slices- optional
Cooked chicken – diced into bite-sized pieces (I nuked a large package of drumsticks then removed the bones and skin and cut the meat up)
2 medium cooking onions
2 cans niblet corn
2 cans cream corn
about a cup of diced celery
1 can sliced mushrooms – optional

Butter, flour and milk for the white cream sauce base.


1. Fry the bacon bits until transparent and remove from pan and put on paper towel to soak up the fat
2. In bacon fat in fry pan, cook the onions and celery until slightly browned
3. Add the mushrooms to the onion and celery and brown them, too.

Remove from heat and drain well. Set aside.

Make a white sauce in another big heavy pot – big enough to hold the whole soup mixture.

I am not sure if I know how to tell you how to make a white sauce because I do it by feel and have been making it for years without a recipe. But it basically goes like this:

In your big pot, melt 1 cup (1/2 #) of butter (or marg)

When it starts to sizzle, add a little bit of white flour – maybe a quarter cup. Stir it in. I use a whisk.

Add a little more flour, stir it in.

Add a little more flour, stir it in.

Keep doing that until it gets very thick and looks really dry, but don’t let it burn! Stir constantly!

When it gets really thick, add a bit of milk (I used whole milk but 2% is okay) – maybe a quarter cup. Stir it in.

Add a little more milk, stir it in.

Add a little more milk, stir it in.

Keep slowly adding milk and stirring constantly until it looks like thick cream.

Then dump the cans of corn into the cream sauce, add the onion mixture and the bacon bits and the chopped chicken and mix it all together.

If it is too thick, add more milk or add water. I like it thick like gumbo

Adjust the salt and pepper and serve it up.

Extras go in the freezer for another meal later …


I am a huge fan of cooking and freezing because I don’t want to cook a full meal for myself every night. This way I get decent, home-cooked food without a whole lot of everyday drudgery and effort.

Hope this strikes your fancy