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This was Brekkie Today

I needed to do a shoot for a theme – Oranges and/or Lemons, so a few days ago I went searching for “props”.  I came home with two scrumptious cream puffs. The bakery built them special for me and I asked for a cherry on top of one of them. I hadn’t made up my mind if I wanted the cherry in the pic or not – turns out I did.

This one was breakfast today  ….

Orange Cream Puff for Brekkie

Here’s a few more (but I like the first one best)

Cherry on Top

Yummmmm …

Female (or Juvie ?) Red-wing Blackbird

Found this one in my archives … ignored and passed over because there was a really cool male showing off and I chose to process that one instead. But here’s her ladyship for you to enjoy now …


Fire in the Sky Reflected

No, not in the building …

The fire is in the SKY! What a sunset!!!

Fire in the Sky

A Downy Day

A new bird turned up at my feeders today – a Downy Woodpecker!!! This now makes 53 different birds I have photographed – almost all of them at my feeders or in my yard and the orchard!!!

I am amazed they are so tiny!!!

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Another Hawk

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting here at the computer and looked up out the window …

Somebody over at seems to think its a Cooper’s Hawk, but it looks a lot like the one they identified earlier as a Sharp-shinned Hawk.

If you are into bird photography, there’s some amazing photographers there!

No, I don’t have a dirty sensor …

Somebody —- PLEASE make this #&($I*O&)* snow stop!!! I had six inches in 3 hours this morning! The snow is over my knees in some places. My van is snowed in and I am sick of shoveling to get my gate open or bring  firewood in for the night.

My roof has a 2-inch layer of ice under a foot or more of snow.


It is not pretty any more. I hate it. Anybody want to adopt me ???? (I come with a dawg)

I’m fed up with winter!!!