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Look What I Won!!!

One of my favourite websites is a gardening site with excellent information and photography on it. When I worked at the hardware store in the garden section, it was a source of info for questions my customers would ask.

A companion site, for beginning gardeners, ran a photo contest a few months ago, so I submitted two photos.

A couple of weeks ago I found out one of my photos won one of the big prizes – a wonderful book …

The cover …

Inside …

It’s 304 pages, hard cover and chock full of really great info like planning for max colour, groupings, pests that attack foliage, planting for neat textures, contrasting plantings, harmonizing beds, mixing foliage plants with flowering plants, etc. All very wonderful things to know!

Here’s my entry on the winners’ page … it’s the pink rose with the rain drops … it sure came out dark on his site ……e-contest.html

The other picture I entered is on the sidebar on the right – its the 6th one from the bottom – the close-up of the amaryllis.

Well, good happy Monday morning …

Am off to get my flu shot today and renew my prescriptions because my coverage runs out in less than a month – and one of the ones I take costs $150 every three weeks! Yikes!

Still no job … so I will be taking some resumes around town today, too. Our economy has really slumped here – the end of the Great Okanagan Building Boom – and there’s going to be a lot of people hurting and losing their homes. It’s just starting here although the States has been hurting for a while now. It always affects us – just takes a bit longer up here, and a bit longer than that for it to reach the Okanagan. Lotus Land is no more I need a full-time job – and FAST!!!!

My daughter was in town briefly on Saturday and we had dinner before she left. Was good to see her again.

I spent Friday cleaning off my front deck and getting things ready for putting up my Christmas tree for the wild birds. Then on Saturday and Sunday I finished that all off. The tree is now up along with various feeders and other decorations …

Name:  1-DSC_2572.jpg Views: 30 Size:  116.8 KB

Name:  1-DSC_2614.jpg Views: 30 Size:  121.2 KB

Name:  3-DSC_2611.jpg Views: 30 Size:  120.2 KB

Name:  4-DSC_2598.jpg Views: 30 Size:  121.1 KB

Name:  5-DSC_2589.jpg Views: 30 Size:  113.2 KB

Name:  6-DSC_2586.jpg Views: 30 Size:  117.5 KB

Name:  7-DSC_2585.jpg Views: 29 Size:  116.0 KB

Name:  8-DSC_2583.jpg Views: 29 Size:  121.3 KB

Name:  9-DSC_2580.jpg Views: 28 Size:  120.5 KB

Next I am going to make some suet & seed decorations for the tree, along with some popcorn garlands and some other garlands made with dried fruits. I’ll use cookie cutters and ice cube trays for those – and ribbon, strips of fabric and strands of wool. Will take more pics when that’s done.

Hope everyone has a super day … Hugs all around. Grab one for yourself and pass the rest on …

Shaky landing – and a few other birds

Now, this is better … Steller’s Jay

House Finch

Magpie – one of these days I will get a better shot but they elude me all the time!

Northern Flicker – the D70 was downloading when this guy arrived so I took this with the Minolta Z5 – rather noisy, eh? I am going to hang a suet feeder up there now that I know they will come that close to my shack

This is either a female house sparrow or a female house finch…

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed them.


Well, I was pretty excited yesterday, eh???

You shoulda seen me today!!!

I was innocently sitting here in front of my computer, minding my own business, and keeping one eye on the window watching for the owl that came yesterday … (camera was ready this time, but the window still isn’t clean )

All of a sudden all my little sparrows and finches panicked and scattered!!!

So, up I jumped to have a look …

And LOOK who was out there – chasing my little birdies!

An immature Cooper’s Hawk …

(greatly cropped and shot through that dirty window)

When I first jumped up I saw him smash into a bunch of pallets I had leaning up against the outside wall of my woodshed – chasing after the little songbirds. Then he bounced up and sat there looking all around – he may have been a bit stunned cause I managed to get 6 shots of him.

Then I cursed the dirty window and went outside (tripped over the dawg again, too) to see if I could get a better shot.

Some little birdies were hiding in my wood box by my door and they flew out when I opened the door – and that hawk was after them like a shot! He flew right between the two buildings – and about 10 feet from where I was!

I felt sooo awful – but I didn’t see him catch one, so hopefully they are all okay. I could hear him cussing me from a tree at the neighbour’s so maybe he didn’t get any lunch today.

So OT and I sat on the Net for a while trying to decide what he is – and dithered between an immature Sharp-Shinned Hawk and an immature Cooper’s Hawk – we finally decided he’s a Cooper’s.

It took a long, long time before my little birdies came out of hiding. I am sure glad I have lots of cover for them here.

Hope you enjoy him!

Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow!!!!

Look what I shot today … a Northern Pygmy Owl …

Bad photos but they still were good enough to help OT and me identify him. He surprised me and I was fighting the lens on the camera … looked up from my computer monitor about 8:30 this morning and saw him out there – thought it was one of the finches (he’s VERY small) but then realized suddenly that he was not one of my usual birds so ran for the camera – it was on the kitchen table. Fell over the dawg and back in here and tried to get the blankety-blank lens to focus … shooting thru the filthy window didn’t help ……s=californicum

The pics are (just barely) good enough to see the bars on his tail and the pair of “eyes” on his back. He even sits with his tail up like the description says

He was sitting up on the top of the bird feeder pole. A magpie swooped out of nowhere and chased him away. *Dang*

Later he came back and I was just lining up the shot when Buddy (who was outside) decided to bark to be let in. Off he flew and I didn’t see him again today Another *dang*

I had no idea these owls inhabited this area and have never even heard of this one species before.

Typical Male (?) call :…fornicum-1.mp3

Typical female call (?) :…fornicum-2.mp3

I was just sooo excited !!!