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Yellow-rumped Warbler

These little birds were skipping around in a tree next to where I park at work. Had no idea what they were but I took pictures anyway.

Looking in my Petersen’s Western Birds book, it appears they may be the Western form of the Yellow-Rumped Warbler. If you think they might be something else, please let me know.


Yellow-rumped Warbler


Yellow-rumped Warbler


Yellow-rumped Warbler

Pretty things, aren’t they?

Thanks for looking

Today is my Birthday …

… and I have the day off work, too! The sun is shining and it looks like it is going to be a gorgeous day.

There’s a photo competition I want to shoot for, but my idea is a tad bizarre so it will take a bit of setting up. The deadline is tomorrow so I’ll need to get my act together if I am going to do it today. I am such a great procrastinator!

Stay posted – I may just get this done :D


Several hours later … I got sidetracked … still no entry for the competition BUT …

The birds were singing out there in the sunshine …

Black-capped Chickadee

and then my camera saw this cool image …

Fan in the Window

I’m still planning to shoot for the Comp :D

A Noisy Little Fella

I’ve been hearing this critter rat-tat-tatting for several days now but couldn’t see where he was. Today I was outside without my camera and I could hear him “knocking” quite close to where I was, so I went into stealth mode and found him. Dashed back inside for the camera (luckily the 70-300mm was on it already) and hoped he would still be there when I got back out again.

I crept around the side of the building and he was still at it, so managed to fire off four shots before he realized “candid camera” was stalking him. He didn’t stick around. Three of my shots were complete duds, but this one was sorta salvageable.

He’s a Northern Flicker – part of the woodpecker family.

Northern Flicker

A Mutant Narcissus?

Am not too sure if this flower is supposed to look like this or if it has some development “issues” but I thought it was kinda cool and different.


Close-up of a Daffodil

Getting in tight with a happy flower.


Daffodils remind me of my Dad (I called him “Pa”). He was a career Air Force guy and we were posted to France for 4 years when I was 8 years old. On our holidays and weekends we would load up the travel trailer and go somewhere. My favourite place to go was to Holland.

One time when we were there it was daffodil time and there was a roadside stand selling thick, long, heavy “ropes” of braided daffodils. They were about 5-6 feet long and about 8-10 inches thick and weighed a TON! My dad arranged with the seller to take a picture of these ropes and draped one over us three kids like a giant yellow boa. That pic is long gone – lost in a fire (as were all my childhood pics), but the memory remains as strong as if it was yesterday.