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Some Kind of Beans – Pinto maybe???


mmmmm … Pumpkin Pie


Almost A Whole Food

Almost A whole Food

Crunch, crunch, crunch

Crunchy Celery


I love bell peppers – in any colour. This one just happens to be red.

Sweet Red Pepper

Blue or Purple???

Cabbage … I call it purple but some people call it blue …

Blue or Purple 1

Blue or Purple 2

Pucker Up!

A navel orange ….. up close and personal

Pucker Up

Bad Hair Day

I’m into food shots for the next few days …

Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day 2

Bad Hair Day 3

Another Update ….

Two blooms now on the Amaryllis

It amazes me how this plant changes even from morning to night – I get up in the morning and take pics, then get home from work and take more pics because it is so different from what it had been that morning.

Foggy Amaryllis

Another shot of it

One last one for now …

Amaryllis in almost full bloom

The Paperwhites are finished now but I took pics of them anyway. I really liked how this one turned out – great lighting and textures here …

Past Their Prime Paperwhites